Comic Book Junkies

Tales From the Vault (Juan Vol. 3)!

February 08, 2023 Andrew Burger & Joe Zonca Season 1 Episode 69
Comic Book Junkies
Tales From the Vault (Juan Vol. 3)!
Show Notes

Well, well, well, the day has finally arrived. We had no idea if/when this episode would ever see the light of day, but alas, the landmark 69th episode is here. We recorded this one in Joe's garage waaaaaay back and have shelved it until the world was ready, and that time is now. 

This is NOT our normal format, but instead it is 3 dudes shootin' the shit about anything and everything comics. No structure, no plan, no rules.

We hope you enjoy.

Music [00:00]
Buzz Ad [00:14]
Intro [01:09.4]
The Vault [02:02]
Outro [53:50.5]

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